Tis the Season … For Thankfulness

2020 is a year like no other. People will remember many details of this

year. They will remember those helpful and caring … and those who were not.

Get the picture? Showing appreciation is an important part of today’s conversation.

It’s part of our healing process. So fundamental is this attidude, I wonder if

brands who do not have this dialog running through their messaging will survive.

Here’s the catch: It isn’t enough “To Be” Thankful.

It’s important to let people know! “Silent gratitude isn’t very much to anyone.”
—Gertrude Stei

Think about this concept while sculpting your business communications and actions throughout the holidays and beyond. What are you going TO DO to let people know? How are you going to communicate this all important brand message? We are Thankful!

For starters, I’ll start by sharing these simple words to my readers, friends, and customers:

Thank You for your care and support during 2020.

You are very much appreciated.