Is it Groundhog Day for your business?

One beloved USA movie is the 1993 classic: Groundhog Day. Why? The anwser: the main character, Bill Murray,

gets many chances to Get it Right.

If you use promotional products, think “Groundhog Day” for your business. Can your

ROI (Rate of Return) on these products be improved? Always, the anwser

is YES. I firmly believe there is ALWAYS room for improvement!

Here are 3 tips to get started on the improvement thought process:

  1. Achieve. Have a CLEAR idea of what you want the product to achieve.
  2. Visual Impact. Imprint your logo, message or image bold and simple on the product.
  3. Context. Place your product intelligently in the context of a program, experience or campaign.

I will dive more into each point in more detail in future posts.



Want Success in 2021? Plan for it!

Thinking about your business action steps for 2021? January 1st is just around the corner! Today is the season for planning. Calendars on store shelves gives us a valuable hint: Time to plan. It’s natural. It’s the cycle of what all businesses SHOULD do.

During COVID, is it business as usual? No, however we adapt, change and move-on. What other choice do we really have? Let’s have the mindset: If you write your plans, then you have given them a platform to live.

Task One is to re-analyze customers’ expectations. To dive into this, how do you analyze? Why not take a Mastermind approach? Accurate insight into your customer’s expectations IS THE CORNERSTONE for your planning. It will help you develop a current, relevant and future blue-print for future services, products and communications.

If you don’t know (i.e. you’re guessing) what customers really want from your business, take three action steps to find out…for sure. Why not take a social media poll, conduct a ZOOM focus group, or call select customers and ask them? Better yet, do all three. Is it worth the time and effort? YES it is. This insight is the foundation for YOUR Success Strategy. Maybe, just maybe, (or I would assert certainly), you’ll learn something new. Insight is hidden treasure about how your customer’s feel and think. Honest insight will be invaluable for your 2021 success.

Tune-back in for more planning ideas. Write them down. By the end of Decemember, your planning calendar and To-Do Cliff Notes will be chalked full of ideas and action steps for 2021.

Won’t that feel great?

Tis the Season … For Thankfulness

2020 is a year like no other. People will remember many details of this

year. They will remember those helpful and caring … and those who were not.

Get the picture? Showing appreciation is an important part of today’s conversation.

It’s part of our healing process. So fundamental is this attidude, I wonder if

brands who do not have this dialog running through their messaging will survive.

Here’s the catch: It isn’t enough “To Be” Thankful.

It’s important to let people know! “Silent gratitude isn’t very much to anyone.”
—Gertrude Stei

Think about this concept while sculpting your business communications and actions throughout the holidays and beyond. What are you going TO DO to let people know? How are you going to communicate this all important brand message? We are Thankful!

For starters, I’ll start by sharing these simple words to my readers, friends, and customers:

Thank You for your care and support during 2020.

You are very much appreciated.


Your message on a nail File: WHY NOT?

Looking for a helpful item for “Essential-Home” workers? Or How about an item which is seldom thrown away? Literally CUSTOM NAIL FILES can be in your customer’s or prospect’s house for YEARS. They are super handy and USEFUL. Hardly ever discarded. This makes a them smart advertisng swag to Keep-The-Word Out. Today. they are available in a variety of shapes plus can be imprinted with VIBRANT colors, Photo’s and YOUR Message.

Nail Files provide a great advertising solution for entrepreneurs right now for THREE BIG reasons:

  1. Mailing nail files is easy and cost effective.
  2. Useful gifts are APPRECIATED.
  3. YOUR message can sit next to the computer, purse, bag, kitchen counter, in the car, (you get the idea), all day long — displaying YOUR message.

For more information, check out our link:

Collapsible Stainless Straw Kits

Buy It Now


You and your customers can help reduce plastic in the environment by using and reusing this 9″ Stainless Steel Straw with a Silicone Tip, complete with Wire Cleaning Brush.

The 3″ brush cleaner fits inside the stainless straw for easy storage. It even includes a protective travel case and carabiner attachment. Hand wash recommended.

Complies with Prop 65.

4″ H

Growables Planter

Organic & Biodegradable – Just Stick it in the Soil!


Your clients don’t have to have a green thumb to enjoy these incredible planters. The fertile fiber pot is 100% organic, sustainable and biodegradable (made from spruce wood, manufactured without glue or binders) and ready to place outside in the soil. Because water, air and roots will penetrate the walls of the fertile pot, there is no need for drainage holes-the natural root structure that develops helps in plant growth. Includes one soil pod and the seed packet of your choice. Germinates in 2-3 weeks (results may vary).

Complies with Prop 65.

2 1/4″ H x 2 1/2″ Diameter

Non-Woven Shopper Tote Bag


Your customers will use these bags over and over, and remember you each time they do. Made of 80 gram non-woven, coated water-resistant polypropylene, they’re perfect for grocery stores, markets, book stores, etc.

10″ gusset with a matching covered bottom insert means lots of space and a stable surface. Reusable and recyclable. 20″ handles. Spot clean/air dry.

Complies with Prop 65.

13″ W x 15″ H x 10″ D

Sherpa Drawstring Backpack


This versatile backpack is made from water-resistant material, so it’s perfect for swimsuits or gym clothes. There are TWO front pockets: one with a zipper, the other with mesh for a water bottle. The best feature: Adjustable Padded Straps. This great bag combines the light weight of a drawstring backpack with the support needed to carry your belongings comfortably. Gusset on the bottom means there’s plenty of room and a well-balance load.

Complies with Prop 65.

18″ H x 17″ W

Eco-Inspired Spiral Notebook & Pen


Your clients will love this 60-page Lined Notebook with Matching Pen, which slips into a convenient elastic loop. There’s a Recycling symbol on the bottom corner of each page, reinforcing your love for our planet.

You can imprint your name and logo on the front, the back, and even on the pen!

Complies with Prop 65.

5 1/4″ W x 7″ H

Hey Realtors!

Did you know?

83% of people are more likely to do business with the brands on promotional products.

Armband Phone Holder

Your clients will thank you every time they use this handy phone holder. The flexible neoprene construction conforms to the arm: the adjustable strap with hook-and-loop fastener attaches to the bicep. Touch screen works through a protective clear window. There is even a handy key storage pocket!

Fits most smart phones. Complies with Prop 65.

6.5″ L x 18.0″ W x 0.125″ H

pic grouping