Is it Groundhog Day for your business?

One beloved USA movie is the 1993 classic: Groundhog Day. Why? The anwser: the main character, Bill Murray,

gets many chances to Get it Right.

If you use promotional products, think “Groundhog Day” for your business. Can your

ROI (Rate of Return) on these products be improved? Always, the anwser

is YES. I firmly believe there is ALWAYS room for improvement!

Here are 3 tips to get started on the improvement thought process:

  1. Achieve. Have a CLEAR idea of what you want the product to achieve.
  2. Visual Impact. Imprint your logo, message or image bold and simple on the product.
  3. Context. Place your product intelligently in the context of a program, experience or campaign.

I will dive more into each point in more detail in future posts.